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When you have the right dishware or dinnerware, setting up your table won’t look like a very big task to you. Instead, it will be fun. 

Plates like Corelle Livingware can bring out the creativity in you when you used to set up your table. 
Now the question is what is the difference between Corelle Vitrelle and Livingware?  

Are they similar in size, shape, and color? Are they made of the same material? Are they BPA, lead, and cadmium-free? Do they leach harmful chemicals into your food? 

These and many more are questions people ask about Vitrelle, Corelle, and Livingware. Just keep reading and you’ll find all you need to know about these dishes. 


Vitrelle is the material used to make Corelle brand plates and bowls. Vitrelle is a tempered glass that makes Corelle dinnerware resistant to breaking and chipping.


Yes, Corelle Vitrelle products can be used to serve and reheat food in microwaves or preheated conventional ovens up to 350° F (176° C.).


Vitrelle is a one-of-a-kind, tempered glass that is resistant to breaks and chips. Corelle dinnerware is as thin and translucent as fine china, but significantly stronger, thanks to the special glass.



what is the difference between Corelle vitrelle and livingware

Corelle Vitrelle or Vitrelle is the name of the patented glass technology material used in the manufacture of Corelle dinnerware, which makes it more resistant to breaking and chipping, whereas Corelle Livingware is another product collection of the Corelle brand, which comes in White Frost and flowered design patterns.


Corelle Livingware is one of the Corelle brand’s product line collections.

The majority of Corelle Livingware dinnerware has a pure white color called frost white; these are the ones we recommend because they are entirely lead-free and considered to be some of the best dinnerware made in the United States.

what is Corelle Livingware

Corelle Livingware dishes in other patterns have flowers on them, as well as circular lines inside and outside of the dish for decoration.

They are available in dinner plates, dinner sets, and bowls and can be used for a variety of occasions.

These Corelle Livingware dishes are lightweight, stackable, dishwasher and microwave safe, and can be used in an RV.

Examples of Corelle Livingware dishes are below;

Corelle Livingware 18 Piece White Frost Dinnerware

Corelle Livingware 10.25 dinner plate White Frost

Corelle Livingware 12 ¼ inch White frost serving plate

Corelle Livingware 20 Ounce Pasta Bowl White frost


According to various lead tests performed by professionals on Corelle dinnerware, not all Corelle dinnerware is lead and cadmium free. The only Corelle dinnerware that is lead and cadmium free is plain white with no decorative glaze. Plain white Corelle dinnerware is free of lead and cadmium.


Corelle Coordinates, like Corelle Livingware, are part of the Corelle dinnerware brand collection. Corelle Coordinates is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and it is a versatile dinnerware that can meet your kitchen and ceremonial needs.

Corelle Coordinates products can be used for a variety of applications including appetizers, snacks, dips, crackers, nuts, and candy. It is a simple and stylish piece of serving ware. Corelle Coordinates are useful in everyday life.

Corelle Coordinates

Corelle Coordinates are made of either glass, wood, or stoneware. When handling Corelle Coordinates dinnerware, take precautions because a HARD drop or knock can result in breakage.

Corelle Coordinates is primarily intended for use in the home, not for camping, industrial, or commercial purposes. If you’re looking for the best dinnerware for RV and outdoor camping, pay attention to what’s underlined.

Corelle Coordinates should not be used on or near a stovetop, broiler/griller, microwave browning element, toaster oven, or any other direct heating source such as range heat vents, pilot light, open flames, etc.

Do not microwave a small amount of food in any larger dish or a Corelle Coordinates. It could get too hot to handle, crack, or break.

Corelle coordinates made of glass or stoneware can be used to serve and heat food.

Stoneware or Corelle glass? Dinnerware can be used in both microwave and conventional ovens that have been preheated.

Only use a preheated conventional oven to warm empty dinnerware for serving. Corelle coordinates made of glass or stoneware can be hand-washed or washed in a dishwasher.

The following are some examples of Corelle Coordinates:

Corelle Coordinates Large Dip white tray

Corelle Coordinates Sauce Pitcher with saucer

Corelle Coordinates Portofino serving Platter

Corelle Coordinates Sugar and Creamer Set

Corelle Coordinates 1 ½ qt. Porcelain Pitcher

Corelle Coordinates Portofino Serving Bowl

Corelle Coordinates White Livingware Winter frost Soup/Cereal Bowl

Corelle Coordinates Abundance Bake and Serve 3 Piece Bowl

Corelle Coordinates Abundance Teapot

Corelle Coordinates Callaway Sugar and Creamer set.


Corelle Classic is yet another product line offered by the Corelle brand. Most Corelle Classic dinnerware or plates have flowered or circular designs on a white frost background. Corelle Classic is constructed of Vitrelle glass, stoneware, or ceramic.

Corelle Classic dinnerware set

The Corelle Classic dinnerware set was inspired by the Classic restaurant ware staple of French Bistros and all American Diners.

Corelle Classic is a casual, timeless, and versatile dinnerware set that can be used for breakfast or dinner.

Corelle Classic dinnerware set is a non-toxic ultra-hygienic American dinnerware that is easy to clean and highly resistant to chips and breaks due to its triple-layer strong glass.

One appealing feature of Corelle Classic dinnerware is that it is lightweight enough for the elderly to handle, stacks easily, and takes up little space in the kitchen.

They are also a good example of stoneware dinnerware made in the United States. Corelle Classic dinnerware sets can be washed in the dishwasher, microwaved, and pre-heated oven safe!

The following are some examples of Corelle Classic dinnerware sets;

Corelle Classic Café Blue Dinner Plates, 8-Piece

Corelle Classic Holiday Berries 6.75″ Appetizer Plate Set, 4-pk

Corelle Livingware Classic Café Blue 8.5″ Lunch Plate (Set of 8)

Corelle Livingware 16-Piece Dinnerware Set, Classic Cafe Blue, Service for 4


Is Corelle Swept discontinued

Corelle Swept has not been discontinued; it is still manufactured by Corelle, but it may be difficult to find. Corelle Swept is part of the Corelle Boutique line and comes in either the Cherish or Swept pattern.

The Corelle Boutique Cherish pattern is traditional and square, whereas the Corelle Boutique Swept pattern is round.

Corelle Boutique dinnerware combines subtle sophistication with Corelle’s exclusive, long-lasting Vitrelle glass. The Corelle swept line is break and chip resistant, microwave and dishwasher safe, lightweight, stackable, and fashionable.

The Corelle Swept pattern was part of the Boutique line from 2013 to 2021.


One way to avoid buying a fake Corelle is to buy from reputable sellers such as Amazon, eBay, or the Corelle website.

The benefit of purchasing from these locations is that it can be returned if there is a problem.

Second, you can identify a fake Corelle by looking for the Corelle Logo underneath their dinnerware set. However, I’m not sure if all Corelle dinnerware products bear the Corelle logo.


We all know that Corelle is chip and break resistant, but customers frequently ask if it can shatter. Of course, Corelle plates can shatter if they are deliberately smashed against a very hard surface.

Second, make sure you follow the instructions for using and caring for your Corelle dinnerware set to avoid injury or accident.