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Corelle tableware is available in a variety of patterns, each with its own distinct design that may be used for every occasion. One thing we cannot deny is that Corelle has improved over the years in terms of client satisfaction.

However, there have been reports of lead contamination not only in Corelle plates but also in other dinnerware brands that we frequently use.

As a result, we need to know if Corelle Old Town Blue contains lead so that we may make an informed decision.

Currently, leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t something we joke about. We pay attention to the food we eat and the equipment we use, but we also pay attention to the dinnerware.


Corelle dishes have been around for a long time and were first seen on television in the 1940s. One thing we can deny is that Corelle dinnerware sets are very popular in the United States. So, what makes them unique?

Corelle is unique and popular due to the use of a special glass known as Vitrelle. Because of this unique innovative technology, the Corelle dish is a versatile dinnerware that is thin, stronger than other ceramic dinnerware, and as translucent as fine china.

Corelle dish sets are extremely durable, chip and break resistant, dishwasher safe, lightweight, and scratch and stain resistant.

Corelle dish sets stack easily, leaving you with plenty of space in your small kitchen.

The Corelle dish set is made up of Vitrelle glass, making it non-porous, as opposed to regular glass.

However, will Corelle dish sets break like glass? Corelle dinnerware’s unique composition of three heat-strengthened layers (laminating top and bottom) provides it with the strength that regular dish sets and glass lack.

Corelle has never stopped producing different patterns to meet the needs of its loyal customers since its inception.

Corelle dinnerware sets come in a variety of pattern designs, making it difficult to choose a favorite or best Corelle dinnerware because preference and cooking style play a role in deciding on the type of Corelle dinnerware you want.

Corelle dinnerware has a wide range of affordable options for you to choose from. This is one of Corelle’s distinguishing features: unlike other brands, you can get premium healthy non-toxic made in America dinnerware for $25 or less.


Here is the list of various Corelle patterns by year: Corelle county cottage pattern introduced in 1997, Corelle spring blossom Green pattern 1972 – 1979, Corelle Butterfly Gold Pattern 1970, Corelle Old Town Blue pattern 1972, Corelle Artemis pattern, Corelle winter frost pattern 1970.

We also have Corelle square pattern 2006, Corelle Vive pattern 2009, Corelle secret Garden pattern 2005 – 2021, Corelle Provincial Blue pattern 1992 – 2005, Corelle classic café blue pattern, Corelle City Block pattern 2007, and Corelle Hearthstone pattern 2005.

The new Corelle patterns include Corelle signature pattern 2019, Corelle Market Street New York 2016, Corelle everyday expressions 2021, Corelle Boutique pattern 2013, Corelle Farmstead pattern 2019 – 2021, Corelle Portofino pattern 2019, Corelle Night Blooms pattern 2019- 2021, Corelle Prairie Garden pattern 2019 – 2021, Corelle Indigo Blooms pattern 2018 – 2020, Corelle Delano pattern 2019, Corelle Mystic Gray pattern 2015, Corelle Ocean Blues pattern 2015 and Corelle Crimson Trellis 2016.

Furthermore, we also have Corelle Boutique pattern and cherish swept 2013.


Corelle old town blue contains lead

Is lead present in Corelle Old town Blue? To quickly determine if Corelle Old town blue contains lead, you have to use an XRF instrument, lead test kit, or ask the manufacturer if this particular Corelle dish meets Proposition 65 standards then from the findings you know if it’s healthy or not.


The Corelle old town blue was first manufactured from 1972 to 2005. It features white dinnerware with beautiful blue striped lines, flowered design, and glass Vitrelle material that makes it microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and break resistant.

Lovers of the Corelle brand prefer calling the Corelle old town blue the “Blue Onion”. The Corelle old town blue dinnerware includes:

10 1/4 inch dinner plate, 8 1/2  inch salad plate, 12 ¼ inch serving platter, 1 quartz serving Corelle Old twin blue bowl, 15 ounces rimmed soup/salad bowl, 12-ounce rice bowl, 28 ounce super soup/cereal bowl, 10-ounce dip and condiment bowl.

Furthermore, Corelle old town blue dishes include an 18-ounce soup/cereal bowl and a 6 3/4 inch appetizer plate.

In addition to the Corelle old town Blue, there is also the Corelle Livingware True Blue pattern that was manufactured from 2014 to 2021. It is designed with a floral eye-catching design that goes around the plate on a white background.

Although the Corelle Livingware true blue was discontinued in 2021, it is made up of ceramic material. It is also dishwasher and microwave safe like the Corelle old town blue pattern.

The Corelle Livingware true blue includes an 11-ounce stoneware mug, 10 ¼-inch dinner plate, 8 ½-inch salad plate, and 6 ¾-inch appetizer plate.

Finally, we have the Corelle Livingware Ocean Blues plate and the Corelle Classic café Blue dinner plate.


The Corelle old town blue bowl is made up of glass Vitrelle material with a floral pattern and it has a white background with blue colors.

Corelle Old Town Blue Bowl

Manufactured by Corning, this particular Corelle old town blue bowl is 5 3/8 inches suitable for fruits and desert. The capacity is 18 fluid ounces.

Another Corelle old town blue bowl is the 28-ounce Corelle soup and cereal Livingware old town blue bowl that has a fine style with blue floral patterns that won’t wash off or scratch off easily.

Corelle Livingware Old Town Blue Bowl

They are both break and chip resistant, microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe. This Corelle Livingware old town blue has a larger size than most normal bowls, it is 6 1/4 wide by 2 3/4 deep.

Corelle items are simply of the highest quality, lasting long and maintaining their appearance. I wholeheartedly endorse these as a fantastic product!


Corelle Livingware Old Town Blue Serving Platter

An example of a Corelle old town blue platter is the Corelle Livingware Old town blue serving platter that is 12 ¼ inches in size.

It is lightweight and durable. You can use them every day with ease. This Corelle platter is a large dinnerware that can serve any recipe.

This Corelle Livingware Old town blue platter is kind of circular and oval in shape, used in restaurants as a main dish served on a platter with one or more side dishes such as French fries or salad.

Finally, this Corelle Old town Blue platter hardly wears off and hardly breaks.


Salt and pepper shakers are used for easy economical and efficient disposition of seasoning when you are eating or want an extra taste to your food.

Salt and pepper shakers have 3mm to 4mm of holes on top of it. They are mostly made up of stoneware material and are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Examples of Corelle salt and pepper shakers include:

Corelle Coordinates Shadow Iris Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Corelle Callaway Holiday Salt & Pepper Set.


Daisy Corelle is another beautiful Corelle pattern that was manufactured from 1970 to 1990. It is a vintage Corelle that comes in green and white design and is made from Vitrelle glass material.

They are dishwasher and microwave safe. Perfect for serving various recipes.

Some examples of the Daisy Corelle patterns are below:

Corelle Spring Blossom (Crazy Daisy) Saucers – Four (4) Saucers

Corelle – Spring Blossom Green (Crazy Daisy) – 6-3/4″ Bread & Butter Plates (Set of 4)

Corelle – Spring Blossom Green (Crazy Daisy) – 8-1/2″ Luncheon/Dessert/Salad Plates (Set of 4)

Vintage Corelle Crazy Daisy Dinner Plate 10 1/4″