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A kitchen task can become a lot easier just by having the right kind of tool. With the constant innovation within the kitchen niche, no one should have an excuse regarding kitchen tasks like cutting, grinding, blending, chopping, etc.

Everyone knows that a kitchen knife is a pivotal tool used daily; this is why talking about the different types of butcher knives is an inevitable topic as is cut across all kinds of meal preparation. After reading through this article, your meal preparation will become more fun.


What is a butcher knife used for? A butcher knife is used for breaking down cuts of meat or trimming the fat. You can find a butcher’s knife in butcher restaurants and shops.

Butcherknife has a slight curve that helps in cutting through meat. So many types of butcher knives feature grantor edges. This allows you to easily slice through meat without tearing or shredding the product

In a nutshell, a Butcher knife is used to chop raw meat.


Types of Butcher Knives

It is important to have various types of butcher knives in the Butchershop so that your work will be easy and fast. First, a Butcher knife is simply used for dressing, splitting down cuts of meat, trimming fat, or butchering animals.

Below are the various types of Butcher knives and their uses recommended for butchering animals;

Skinning knifeA skinning knife simply removes the skin from bigger meats and poultry. E.g. Roasts
Cimeter Butcher KnifeCimeter Knives are usually 10, 12, and 14 inches long. They are used for cutting beef tenderloin and steak. They also Butcher big pieces of meat.
Messer Slicer Butcher KnifeMesser Slicer knives are used for slicing meat such as roast or turkey into thin pieces.
Boning Butcher KnifeA Boning knife is a Knife you use after carving.
A Boning knife is used for trimming areas around the bones of say chicken or turkey.
A Boning knife is used for cleaning up the chicken or turkey and breaking it up into parts.
Trimming Butcher KnifeTrimming knives are used for trimming the fat from cuts of meat.
They perform delicate tasks like slicing filet mignons, they are usually 6 – 8 inches long.
Cleaver Butcher KnifeA Cleaver knife is used simply for hacking through the bone and gristle of an animal.
It is one of the most recognized Butcher’s knives that has a broad blade that is thick and squarish.


There are various features to look out for when you want to purchase a Butcher knife, we recommend you pay attention to the following;

  1. Blade type material(E.g. Stainless steel)
  2. Handle
  3. Thickness of Blade
  4. Length of Blade
  5. Multi-Purpose Use
  6. Ease of use and durability.
  7. Corrosion resistivity

Find below the best 3 Butcher Knives;


The 7-inch iMarku Butcher knife can handle everyday kitchen needs such as chopping, mincing, slicing, boning, cutting meat, vegetables, and fruits, and flattening garlic or ginger.

Designed and made for everyday needs at home and restaurants’ kitchens. Easy resharpening, lightweight, easy to clean and maintain.

Cleaver imarku knife a type of Butcher knife

This kitchen Butcher knife has an 18° angle on both sides of the blade and a very thin, ultra-sharp blade thickness of 2.3mm.

The wide blade of this chopper knife allows the chef’s fingers to work perfectly away from the cutting surface. Durable and strong, it cuts into large pieces of food with great ease.

 This imarku Meat Butcher Cleaver knife is forged from excellent German imported high carbon stainless steel 7cr17mov for high quality, easy maintenance, edge retention, and long-lasting sharpness. It has extremely strong rust and corrosion resistance.

The wooden handle of the imarku Chef’s Cleaver knife is made of Pakka wood for excellent corrosion resistance, durability, and easy maintenance.

Its handle is ergonomic and provides a comfortable grip and high maneuverability giving it an excellent sense of balance during use. Prevent slippage, sturdy and effortless. For left-handed users, it is also of great performance.

This is truly a professional kitchen knife. High quality, stylish premium packaging, a perfect gift for friends, colleagues, and family. The price is right and the performance is solid. I highly recommend it!


Japanese Best Butcher Cleaver Knife

This Japanese Regalia Butcher Knife can be used for;

  • Breaking through cartilage, sinews and thinner bones on poultry and fish.
  • Cutting large and thick slabs of meat.
  • Cutting thick and tough fruits and vegetables like squash, cabbage, pineapples, and coconuts.
  • Cutting through thick bundles or stalks of vegetables like celery, asparagus, or rhubarb.
  • Transferring large amounts of chopped ingredients by scooping against the large square blade.
  • Unlike dull, soft, and unwieldy battle axe-type Butcher cleavers, the Regalia 7 Inch Emperor Series Butcher Cleaver knife is razor sharp with incredibly hard steel and used for precision chopping.

This masterpiece Butcher kitchen knife is forged with an authentic Japanese AUS-10 “Super-Steel” cutting core to ensure flexibility and maximum edge retention without dulling or chipping.

The 66 layers of high carbon stainless Damascus steel cladding add beauty as well as resilience against both rusting and corrosion.

Do you have small hands? If yes, then this Professional type of Butcher knife is for you as the handle is nice and rounded so it feels amazing in the hand and it’s not too thick but not too thin either.

It has a military-grade ergonomic G-10 handle that is immune to cold, heat, and moisture.  Handle butt swell gives additional girth to prevent the handle from slipping when wet or slick.

Finally, this type of Butcherknife has a double bevel and can be used by both right and left-handed people.




Dalstrong butcher breaking cimitar knife

The Dalstrong Shogun Series 10” professional Butcher breaking knife is a powerhouse allowing you to glide through steak like butter, trim briskets effortlessly, and break down large game without getting lost in the meat.

The curved blade is engineered to create leverage and complete cuts in a single motion, without sawing. The knife is expertly crafted to slice through flesh, break through cartilage, and trim fat from beef, pork, poultry, fish, and other meats.

The Dalstrong Butcher knife blade has rock-hollow divots, which minimize adhesion, prevent stuck-on food, and reduce friction for a more seamless cutting experience.

The blade is hand sharpened to between 8-10 degrees per side, ensuring an ultra-sharp edge with excellent wear resistance.

Furthermore, it also has beautiful, ergonomic, and ambidextrous G10 Garolite handles with mosaic and engraving. The triple-riveted design with full tang ensures superior strength and durability.

Finally, this Dalstrong Butcher Shogun Series blade is precision-forged from a single piece of imported Japanese AUS-10V super steel with 67 layers of folded steel and features an enhanced vacuum treatment with nitrogen cooling for the ultimate performance.


Knives are very necessary for the preparation of various meals at home. Knives can also be used as a Blender substitute for chopping, cutting, and mincing various vegetables or meat.

Knives are very easy to use, easy to clean, and are durable because they are mostly made of stainless steel blades with ergonomic handles that promote stability and precision in cutting.

It is not all knives that can perform special food tasks, like filleting fish. The design of the knife is what determines the type and use.

Below are the various types of knives and their uses;

PARING KNIFE:   Paring knife is used for carving, cutting, slicing, and chopping fruits and vegetables. This knife is a must-have for you if you love making garnishes for your food and drinks.

Wusthof classic paring knife

Furthermore, the Paring knife is used for Coring tomatoes, peeling ingredients, deveining shrimp, scoring meat, hulling strawberries, removing seeds from fruit trimming, and cleaning. They are usually 2 – 5 inches in length.

imarku kitchen chef's knife

CHEF’S KNIFE:  A chef’s knife is used for dicing, mincing, dicing, and chopping various types of food items including potatoes, onions, parsnips, and other vegetables. They are usually 6 – 14 inches in length.

Dalstrong serrated bread knife

BREAD KNIFE:  Bread knife is simply used for slicing bread, fruits, and vegetables, they are usually 7 – 10 inches in Length.

Tuo Best Boning German forged knife

BONING KNIFE:  Boning Knives are usually 3 – 8 inches in Length. A boning blade has a thin cutting edge and a sharp point, as such boning knives are not designed with thick edges, they have flexible edges and this is the thing that makes them exceptional. Boning knives are utilized for Piercing and Peeling meat easily.

Dalstrong slicing and carving knife

SLICING KNIFE:  As the name implies, the Slicing knife is used for carving and slicing meat or poultry animals, they are usually 8 – 14 inches in Length.

Best Utility Knife

UTILITY KNIFE:   A utility knife is used for chopping, slicing, and dicing. It can slice fruits, chop vegetables. It can be used for other delicate tasks such as carvings and paper cutting. A utility knife can also act as a paring knife, they are usually 4 – 7 inches in Length.

Dalstrong meat cleaver knife

CLEAVER KNIFE:  Cleaver knives are 6 – 12 inches in length, they are used for splitting up large pieces of soft bones and through thick pieces of meat and sinews.

Cleaver knives can also be used for chopping or dicing up vegetables like carrot, cucumber, and radish just like the vegetable knife or chef knife.

Mercer Culinary 7-Inch Santoku Knife Genesis

SANTOKU KNIFE:  Santoku knives are used for slicing, dicing, and mincing, they are usually 6 – 7 inches in Length.

Steak Knives Set of 6 with Block, Serrated Steak Knife 4.5 Inch with Wooden Handle

STEAK KNIFE:  As the name implies, the Steak Knife is used for cutting meat, fish, and even for spreading butter, they are usually 4 – 5 inches in Length.

Wusthof Classic 7-Inch Nakiri Knife with Hollow Edge

NAKIRI BOCHO KNIFE:  The Nakiri Bocho Knife is simply used for cutting vegetables just like the chef’s knife or vegetable knife, they are usually 5 – 7 inches in Length.

Hammer Stahl Kitchen Shears - Multipurpose Heavy Duty Kitchen Scissors

KITCHEN SHEAR:   Kitchen Shears are used for slicing, dicing vegetables, opening bottles, cracking nuts, and supping herbs.

FILLET KNIFE:  Most fillet knife blades are made up of stainless steel and the blades are long usually between 4 to 9 inches.

A fillet knife is used for skinning, deboning, and filleting fish. They are also used to trim fat and skin from small games like rabbits or quail.

Cuda 6-Piece Fish Fillet Knife Set with Sharpener

A Fillet knife can also be used to cut pieces of chicken, especially the delicate breasts.

A fillet knife can be used to cut decorative vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, and radishes into rosette shapes.

A fillet knife can also be used to cut Citrus fruits like; oranges, lemons, and grapefruits.

A fillet knife can also be used to segment fruits and remove the pith and rind. You can also peel fruits that have very thin skin such as mangoes and tomatoes efficiently with a fillet knife.

Finally, the Fillet knife’s blade must be flexible and lightweight is that you have control over the cuts, so that the edible part of the fish isn’t wasted.


Now, that you know the various types of Butcher knives available and their uses, it is also good for you to know how to take care of the Knives by keeping them ever sharp making your food preparation an awesome experience.

First, what is a Knife Sharpener? A knife Sharpener is a process of making a knife-sharp by grinding it against a rough or hard surface either a stone or steel.

Find below the various types of Butcher Knife sharpeners;

Steel knife sharpener or honing knife sharpener

STEEL KNIFE SHARPENER: A steel knife sharpener is using steel to sharpen a knife by grinding the knife edges making the blades sharp. A steel knife sharpener is also called honing steel.

Manual knife sharpener

MANUAL KNIFE SHARPENER:  As the name implies, the Manual Knife Sharpener gives you total control of the Knife sharpening process, as you gently glide or grind the knife blades and edges, you gauge the sharpness of the Knife manually.

Electric knife Sharpener

ELECTRIC KNIFE SHARPENER:  The Electric knife sharpener is much faster than the steel or manual knife sharpener.  You can easily sharpen the knife edges and blades within a short time.

With the Electric knife Sharpener, you are sure of precision and multi-stage sharpening.