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A simple task can become difficult when a person gets old, it could even affect your mealtime. A simple task like feeding yourself can become a problem.

The good news is that this simple task can still be possible when we have the right tools for seniors. For dinnerware, you want to get lightweight plates for the elderly. These lightweight dishes are designed especially for senior citizens, they are easy to carry around, easy to wash, and don’t break easily.


Scoop plates are great for kids, the elderly, disabled, hand tremors, Parkinson’s, Arthritis, etc. My friend’s dad is an elderly man who is suffering from severe hand tremors and feeding himself is such a difficult task for him.

One day, she came to me and said ‘’Please what can I do to help her dad?’’. I suggested that she gets a scoop plate for him. When she finally did, she called, thanked me, and told me how excited her dad has been ever since she bought that plate for him.

If you’re looking for the perfect plate to buy for kids, the elderly, the disabled, etc., then this article is just for you. Below are good examples of scoop plates.

Providence Spillproof Scoop Plate – 9″ White

Providence Spillproof Scoop plate for the Elderly, kids, disabled and arthritis sufferers
  1. The ergonomic plate design is meant to assist individuals in guiding food onto utensils with the helped of curved wall.
  2. It features a vertical wall that helps guides food onto utensils.
  3. It’s lightweight, polypropylene 9 inch durable utensil.
  4. Its dishwasher safe, microwaveable, non-latex plate.
  5. It’s perfect for individuals who need help eating independently without the help of a caregiver, such as the elderly, handicapped, and disabled.

Scoop Plate with Suction Pad

Scoop plate with suction pad for the elderly
  1. This scoop plate is perfect for wheelchair trays, over-bed tables, and flat table tops.
  2. This a plate with suction pad and a big solution for people with disabilities who have difficulty eating due to movement of the dinnerware.
  3. This plate was designed for the elderly, people with tremor, paralysis, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis or uncontrolled movement and disabilities that that restrict hand movement necessary for eating independently.
  4. Its dishwasher Safe, Microwave Safe Dish and Unbreakable.


Scoop plates with a suction base are designed to stick to the table, holding it firm from sliding on the table when in use, the suction scoop plates assist people with difficulty performing simple tasks such as scooping food.

Scoop plates with suction can be used by people with hand tremors and other forms of uncontrolled movement and disabilities.


Maddak scooper plate with suction base

This scooper plate with suction keeps it in place from accident or spilling. It measures 63/4 inches in diameter, so it will carry just enough, it is dishwasher safe and has heat-resistant plastic. It has five-star ratings on Amazon. According to customer reviews, it is good for the elderly suffering from dementia, hand trembling, and multiple sclerosis.


Lightweight plates for the elderly

Concerning aged individuals, it is always recommended that they use lightweight dinnerware sets as this helps not to put a strain on their muscles. Lightweight plates are easy to carry about and most of these lightweight dinnerware sets are unbreakable and safe for senior citizens’ health.

Here are the 5 best recommended lightweight plates for the elderly and older seniors;

  1. Providence Spillproof Inner Lip Plate for the Elderly.

2) Lightweight Maddak Inner-Lip Plastic Plate for senior citizens.

3) DeeCoo Set of 6 Lightweight Unbreakable Plates for Adults.

4) Greenandlife Lightweight Wheat Straw Plates for the aged.


Lightweight providence spillproof inner lip plate for the elderly

It is of good faith that we always assist the elderly in our midst or family as there is a lot of blessings attached to it. One of such brands that can provide support for the aged is the Providence Spillproof products.

Providence Spillproof products are skillful in providing adaptive living aids that help senior citizens to cope with their environment.

Do you have an elderly one that needs help? Are you a therapist for a senior citizen? If yes, then we highly recommend this Lightweight Providence Spillproof Inner Lip plate for the Elderly.

With this Providence Spillproof Plate, life will be much easier for older adults. The Ergonomic plate design assists the aged in guiding food into utensils with the help of the inner lip wall design.

Even for individuals with Parkinson’s disease, this Providence Spillproof Lightweight plate for the Elderly will enable the individual to eat with ease without spilling the food. You can be sure of independence with this non-slip lightweight dinnerware 6 pack set.

 The Providence Spillproof plate is also recommended for patients with Alzheimer’s, disabled, stroke, non-Slip ADL Eating Aid for Children, and handicapped.

Furthermore, this lightweight dinnerware set is very easy to clean, top-rack dishwasher safe, microwave safe and has a rubber ring at the bottom that keeps the plate from sliding.


Lightweight Maddak inner lip plate for the Elderly

We are all aware that as we grow old, we have limited muscle control, this Lightweight Maddak plate will assist older citizens and even children to control their muscles while dining.

Maddak Lightweight plates for the Elderly have a high wall that keeps food from sliding off and can also easily push food onto utensils.

One striking feature about the Maddak inner lip plate for the aged is that the elderly individual can use one hand.

Generally, the Inner Lip plate series for elderly individuals are also known as adaptive plates as it gives ease for independence, especially for feeding.

Furthermore, Maddak is known for manufacturing products to assist seniors, the disabled, and even rehab homes. They have also been recognized as the largest manufacturer in the United States of Aids for Daily Living (ADL).

The Inner Lip lightweight Plate gives a lovely feasting alternative to the client with restricted hand finesse.

Finally, they are also dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and autoclave safe. We highly recommend this dinnerware set for the elderly, disabled, and Alzheimer’s patients.


Deeco Lightweight dinner plates for kids and elderly

Apart from using a lightweight plate for senior citizens, it is also good we pay attention to the manufacturing method used in producing dinnerware sets as this can affect our health.

Dinnerware sets that contain lead and cadmium are never good for kids, pregnant women, and the elderly. Hence, they will need dinnerware sets made from natural materials.

The Deecoo set of 6 Lightweight plates for the Elderly and even kids are made from natural wheat straw fiber making them BPA-free and food safe for use.

They are extremely light, eco-friendly, easy to use, and easy to clean. In case your family is large, this is a dinnerware set to go for, as they are sturdy and occupy less space (compact).

There is no need to worry about breakage either for the kids or weak muscles posed by the aged.

These lightweight plates are suitable for every meal and can go for indoors and outdoors activities such as picnics and parties. It is also a recommended dinnerware for camping and RV.

Finally, they are dishwasher safe, have smooth round edges, microwave-safe (NOTE; The temperature resistance reaches up to 248 degrees Fahrenheit (120℃).), chip-resistance, and non-toxic.


Lightweight Unbreakable wheat straw plates for kids and elderly

Apart from the Elderly using non-toxic natural dinnerware sets, glass or ceramic dinnerware sets are also recommended just that they are heavy and won’t be suitable for senior citizens though they are safe.

The GreenandLife lightweight dinnerware sets are unbreakable, great for seniors, children and safe for daily use.

 One important feature of the GreenandLife lightweight plates for the elderly is that when used in the microwave to reheat your food, you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals leaching into your hot food.

Dishwasher safe, temperature resistance reaches up to 120 degrees Celsius when used in the microwave. They are also chip resistance, durable, and a good alternative to plastic plates.

This plate is designed with a smooth round edge, ideal for children, the elderly, people with disabilities, and suitable for outdoor camping.


Generally, plates are used for serving food. They can also be used for decorative and ceremonial purposes. Plates come in various shapes and are made up of different materials.

Most plates have raised edges some round, or either by a curving up or a wider lip or raised portion.

The question we have to answer is that what is the importance of dinner plates with raised edges and how does it co-relate with lightweight plates for the elderly?

Just as I explained above, senior citizens with weak hands or muscles find it difficult to keep food on the plate, the raised edges protect the food from spilling unnecessarily and assist the aged to eat properly.

Below is an example of a lightweight plate that has raised edges and is safe for use for the elderly and even for kids;


Nicesh raised edge stainless steel plates for senior citizens

The Nicesh stainless steel round plates with raised edges are perfect for adults, older adults, and even kids. They are considered suitable for these individuals because they are lightweight, unbreakable, dishwasher, and easy for hands of all sizes.

They are also easy to carry about like from table to counter then to sink. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, easy to transport, easy to store, and saves space.

Raised edge plates by Ikea Kalas

We recommend this microwavable raised edge plate for you today!


We can’t talk about lightweight plates for the Elderly without mentioning Corelle dinnerware sets. Corelle dinnerware sets are known for being lightweight, thin, durable, chip-resistant, scratch-resistant, and non-toxic sets that are suitable for daily use.

However, it is not only Corelle dinnerware sets that are lightweight. We have other dinner set brands that are as light as Corelle dinner sets. Let’s see a few Lightweight dinnerware like Corelle below;


Melamine lightweight plates and bowls like Corelle dinner sets

The O’Nelly Melamine dinnerware set is a lot like Corelle in many ways. First, the Melamine dinnerware set is lightweight as the Corelle dinnerware set.

Just as the Corelle dinner sets are chip and scratch-resistant, the Blue Melamine dinnerware set is also chip and scratch-resistant.

Corelle dinnerware sets are compact, durable, and sturdy same with the O’Nelly Melamine dinnerware sets.

The O’Nelly Blue Melamine lightweight dinnerware sets can turn your table into a beautiful restaurant because of their classic design.

Just like the Corelle, the Melamine lightweight dinner plates are suitable for everyday meals like desserts, brunch, and appetizers.

Melamine has rigid and non-breakable properties. BPA-free dinnerware sets are suitable for indoor and outdoor activities.

The only difference between the Corelle dinnerware set and the Melamine dinnerware set is that you don’t MICROWAVE THE BLUE MELAMINE DINNERWARE SET. However, the Corelle dinnerware set is Microwave safe, Corelle is Dishwasher safe and the white frost Corelle dinnerware set is considered lead and cadmium free.


Danmers lightweight dinnerware sets like Corelle

The Danmers 18 Piece Dinnerware Set is a very beautiful dinnerware set suitable for a family of 6. It includes dinner plates, bread plates, butter plates, and cereal bowls.

You can confidently use the Danmers dinnerware set to heat food daily in the microwave without the dinnerware getting hot just like the Corelle dinnerware set.

The Danmers 18 Piece Dinnerware set is as light as the Corelle dinnerware set. Corelle is made from 3 layered Vitrelle glass while the Danmers dinnerware set is made from strong glass.

They are also durable, sturdy, and chip-resistant like the Corelle dinner plates. Danmers dinnerware sets are also lead and cadmium-free, dishwasher-safe, freezer-safe, and a versatile dinnerware set just like thin and lightweight Corelle dinnerware sets.

In all dinnerware set brands, the Danmers dinnerware set is the best affordable dinnerware set you can get at a good price and good quality.


Adaptive dinnerware sets include bowls, plates, or other dinner sets that help in addressing the eating problems experienced by elderly individuals.

Adaptive maddak plate for the elderly

Individuals with arthritis or other arm-related limitations find it difficult to eat at the dining table especially with one hand.

Therefore, these Adaptive dinnerware sets help to guide and support the elderly to eat without stress and independently.

Some designs of these Adaptive plates include plates and bowls with inner lips and higher edges to help keep food on the plate and prevent seniors and the elderly from spilling food while eating.

Sammons Preston Partitioned Scoop Dish, Melamine Divided Plate for Kids, Elderly, and Disabled.

There are also partitioned plates, round-up plates, and inner plates in addition to plate guards, scooper dishes, and bowls. For the most stability, we also carry suction cup plates and bowls that adhere to the eating surface to hold them securely in place.

There are numerous adaptive products today for use in the kitchen and dining room but the adaptive plates and bowls are specially designed to support the elderly who eat with only one hand.

No more slipping and messing up the dining area because of weak hands or other ailments. Adaptive dinnerware sets are the way to go!


Microwave plates with lids are plates that can go into the microwave with the lids. Not all plates are microwavable. So, you have to be very sure about your plates before putting them in the microwave.

If you’re looking for a microwavable plate with lids that is good for the elderly and adults, then keep reading this article.

The Maddak SP Ableware Sandstone Partitioned Scoop Dish with Lid – 49701 is microwavable, has a lid, and is good for the elderly.

Maddak Microwave scoop plates and dish with Lids for elderly and kids
  1. Its 1-1/2-inch deep walls for scooping food onto forks and spoons.
  2. It measures 8-1/4” in diameter, with capacities of 6.75 oz. (small sections), and 12.6 oz. (large section)
  3. It’s easy to use, washable, dishwasher and microwave safe.
  4. It’s stackable with clear, plastic cover for transporting and storing food.


Lipped plates are designed to assist individuals in guiding food onto utensils. It helps disabled and elderly people to eat without spilling food.

Looking for lipped plates for the disabled? You can purchase any of these plates below:

Providence Spillproof Inner Lip Plate – 9″ White

  1. It’s Ideal eating solution for individuals who need help eating independently without the help of a caregiver, such as the elderly, handicapped, and disabled.

Maddak Plastic Inner-Lip Plate, Sandstone

  1. This plate is designed to assist children, the elderly, and people with limited muscle control and individuals with the use of only one hand.


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