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Dinnerware sets are one piece of household and kitchen equipment that you simply cannot avoid. They are as necessary as having a roof over your head.

It is important to note that, in addition to eating healthy foods, the material of the dinnerware is important.

If you care about your health and budget, you should consider the brands of dinnerware you use. Corelle and Melamine dinner sets are two examples of such brands. Is Corelle melamine? What are the similarities and differences between them?

Don’t rush into a decision without first determining which of these dinnerware sets will meet all of your needs in order to save time and money.


Melamine dinnerware sets

Are you fed up with plate breakage? If so, this is one of the many reasons why a Melamine dinnerware set is essential. Melamine dinnerware sets are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and shapes, and they are very stylish, adding to the beauty of the occasion.

Melamine is a hard plastic that is lightweight, durable, and has a great shine. Melamine should be thrown away if it breaks because of its composition, which makes it non-recyclable.

Melamine dinnerware is scratch-resistant and can be used for an extended period of time. Because of its lightweight, it is suitable for the elderly and children to carry around without strain. Melamine dinnerware is also appropriate for outdoor use.

Melamine dinnerware should not be used in the microwave, oven, or directly over a flame because the excess heat produced can cause the dinnerware to crack, melt, burn, or break, but it is dishwasher safe.

One of the major drawbacks of Melamine dinnerware is that, because it is similar to plastic, it is not recommended to serve hot food with it because it can leach harmful chemicals into your food, so health-conscious people avoid using it.

However, this is where GET Melamine dinnerware stands out; their Melamine is crafted from materials that give you the feel of ceramic dinnerware while also providing the necessary durability.

G.E.T NSF Safe Melamine dinner set

Second, GET Melamine is NSF Approved, which means that the Melamine manufactured is free of any toxins or harmful chemicals that could potentially leach into your food.

We recommend the following GET toxin-free durable Melamine dinnerware:

G.E.T. Enterprises Break Resistant Dishwasher Safe Melamine Compartment Sauce Dish

GET Melamine Coupe Serving Platter

GET Melamine Break Resistant Round Bowl

GET Shatter-Proof Melamine Salad Plate

GET Soup Bowl with Handle

GET Melamine Coupe Dinner Contemporary Plate

Melamine dinnerware is also simple to clean with a soft sponge or brush. Steel wool or green scrubbier should never be used because they will scratch and dull the finish.

Avoid using bleach dishwashing solution detergent on your Melamine dinnerware because it will remove the finish, stain, and damage it.

When removing leftover food from your Melamine dinnerware, avoid slamming it against the trash can, as this can cause cracking or chipping.

After use, gently wash, scrub, and rinse your Melamine dinnerware to ensure its durability.


Corelle dishes are a popular American-made dinnerware set known for their durability and versatility.

Corelle dinnerware is designed to suit any mood, season, or occasion. They are affordable premium dinnerware sets that come in a variety of shapes, primarily crisp white colors, and patterns.

Corelle dishes can help set the tone for a memorable day, whether you’re having everyday meals, a casual get-together, or a special occasion.

You can say goodbye to chips, cracks, and stains with confidence because this vitrelle triple layer glass dinnerware is up to the task. Corelle, like Melamine, is lightweight and simple to handle and care for.

If you want a healthy, ultra-hygienic, non-porous dinnerware set, the Corelle dinner set is for you.

Unlike ceramic heavy dishes, they stack easily and save space. Simple to clean, dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe.

The following are some of the best Corelle dinnerware sets that we recommend:

Corelle Winter Frost White 38pc Dinnerware Set

Corelle 18-Piece Service for 6, Chip Resistant, Mystic Gray Dinnerware Set

Corelle 18 Piece Dinnerware Sets for 6 | Dinner Plate, Appetizer Plate, and Soup or Cereal Bowl Set

To learn more about Corelle dishes, please visit: Corelle dinnerware sets made in the USA.


is corelle melamine

Corelle is not the same as Melamine because Corelle is made up of Vitrelle triple layer tempered glass while Melamine is a hard plastic, a type of hard resins mixed with other reinforcing agents.


The following are some similarities between Corelle and Melamine dinnerware sets:

  1. Lightweight
  2. Break-resistant
  3. Durable
  4. Versatile
  5. Easy to clean
  6. Scratch-resistant


As previously stated, Melamine dinnerware is not microwave safe and should not be used in the microwave to reheat food because the heat generated by the microwave oven has a tendency to dry out the material, cracking and damaging your Melamine dinner set.


I’m curious what comes to mind when you hear the word “unbreakable.” What does it imply? Does this imply that Corelle dinnerware cannot break or is resistant to breaking?

Now, let me break it down for you: dinnerware sets do break and will break if they are not properly maintained or used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Yes, unlike other dinnerware brands, Corelle dinner sets are resistant to breakage, but the damage is determined by the type of environment and shock.

Check out this post to learn more about whether Corelle dinnerware can break: Does Corelle dinnerware break?


Is Corelle stoneware breakable

Yes of course Corelle Stoneware (plates, bowls, and mugs) is breakable in the same way that all dinnerware is. Corelle stoneware can scratch, crack, and eventually break if handled or cleaned incorrectly.

Second, when Corelle Stoneware comes into contact with hard objects, it will break. Third, when using Corelle Stoneware near extreme heat, the stoneware can break. Corelle Stoneware can also crack if it is heated or cooled too quickly.

Finally, avoid using Corelle Stoneware on direct heating sources, open flames, camping stoves, broilers, BBQ Grill, rice cookers, air fryers, toasters, or pressure cookers to avoid breakage. Etc.



Yes, Corelle Stoneware is heavy due to its ceramic construction. It is not as light as regular Corelle Vitrelle dinnerware sets. For added strength, they are handcrafted with a double bead edge design.