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The use of cookware has dominated our food-making process and will continue to do so as long as humans live on Earth. Man craves healthy food that helps prevent diseases and prolong life.

In as much as healthy eating is encouraged, another element that makes this possible is the use of cookware (pots, pans. Frypans, casserole dishes, etc.). The cookware we use is made of various materials like ceramic, glass, stainless steel, cast iron, granite, aluminum, carbon steel, stone, and copper.

All these cookware materials listed above all have advantages and disadvantages. This brings me to popular cookware named stone cookware. While stone cookware requires less oil in cooking and is generally lightweight, it will be good if we know more about stone cookware pros and cons.


Stone cookware is simply made up of natural soapstone or ceramic. However, one beautiful feature of stone cookware is that different cookware materials like aluminum can be added to it during production to increase heat distribution.


stone cookware pros and cons

Below is a tabular summary of stone cookware pros and cons;

Stone cookware is ideal for low and medium-heat cooking.It is recommended to use plastic or wooden utensils when using stone cookware not metal to avoid chipping.
Stone cookware requires less oil or butter in cooking making it a healthy choice for cookware.The non-stick coatings are prone to chipping and the stone cookware isn’t left out.
Stone cookware is non-toxic, non-reactive, doesn’t rust, and can’t leach harmful chemicals into your food.The inexpensive stone cookware can contain lead depending on the materials and manufacturing that is used.
Stone cookware heats evenly holds heat, is durable easy to clean, and produces outstanding cooking results.Avoid using extremely high temperatures as this can lead to cracks, especially when used directly on cold water after high-temperature cooking.
Stone cookware has thick and wide bottom for even heat distribution and conduction.It is not all stone cookware that is suitable for Induction cooktops but is perfect for gas, ceramic, electric, and even halogen stovetops.
Stone cookware can easily be combined with other elements like aluminum alloy or others during manufacturing.It is not all stone cookware that is oven safe, the ones that are oven safe shouldn’t be used beyond 400 – 450 degrees Fahrenheit.


Just like the Stone cookware, the natural stone cookware is made from natural soapstone, rock stone, or ceramic, they are mostly used for primitive cooking and are also perfect for retaining heat.

Korean Natural stone roasting pan cookware

Natural stone cookware can keep food warm on the table, keeping all the natural taste of the food while preserving all the nutritional qualities.

Its non-stick properties make it easy to wash and clean leaving no hot spots for your cooked food.

Natural stone cookware has high heat conduction and it-s pretty fast. Natural stone cookware does not burn or stick to food and it’s pollution-free.

Natural stone sauce pans for all stovetops

Keep the taste of your pure raw food materials as they cook slowly. Natural stone cookware is eco-friendly, free from APEO, PTFE, and PFOA, scratch–resistant, and can withstand lots of frictions.

They are also ideal for low or medium heat, less than 500 degrees Fahrenheit to fry up vegetables, sauces, milk, pasta, or soup with minimum oil or butter for a healthy cooking diet.

Carote Natural stone non-stick saute pan

Examples of non-toxic healthy natural stone cookware are below;

Korean Natural cookware Stone Home Plate Pork Belly Roasting BBQ Pan.

YUZIZ Natural Sauce Pan, Nonstick Saucepan with Lid, Granite Coating Soup Pot All Stove Induction Compatible, PFOA Free.

Eco-Friendly Carote Natural stone Granite coating non-stick saucepan from Switzerland, PFOA FREE.


There are actually no dangers in using stone cookware for everyday cooking as they are made up of natural ceramic-safe materials that don’t release harmful toxins into our bodies, preserving the food nutrients, free from lead and cadmium, and 100% ideal for healthy cooking.


Now that we know stone cookware pros and cons, let’s promote healthy cookware living with the best-recommended stone cookware below;


Michelangelo best stone non-stick cookware

MICHELANGELO Stone Cookware Sets are lightweight, a snap to clean, nonstick, and the distribution of heat is perfect. The glass lids are a bonus so you can see the cooking process in action.

It is made with a stone-derived nonstick coating inside out, that ensures unprecedented nonstick performance – everything just slides right off with less oil and cleans up easily. No chipping, no peeling, or flaking.

Heat your food quickly and evenly as these stone non-stick pots and pans are made up of a non-toxic die-cast aluminum body that conducts heat quickly and evenly with precise temperature control and no hot spots for consistent and professional performance.

Michelangelo Best stone frying Pan for Induction stove

This Michelangelo stone cookware is induction friendly but make sure you don’t exceed the pan or pot diameter base.

Finally, they are dishwasher safe, oven-safe (up to 400F), and 100% free of PFOA, PTFA, lead, and cadmium, ideal for healthy cooking. Although hand wash is recommended.


The Bestsure non-stick stone cookware set adopts German technology which is made up of stone-derived coating and a durable 5mm die-casting aluminum magnetization base making it induction compatible and can transfer heat more quickly.

Bestsure non-stick stone cookware set

Now, you can cook healthier because this best stone cookware set is 100% PFOA, PFTE, Lead, and Cadmium-free and saves energy consumption.

They are easy to cook with and clean, safe for use on gas stove ceramic stove, electric cooker, halogen, and solid fuel cooker.

You can proudly say goodbye to the “smoky” kitchen lifestyle. It also has an anti-scald Bakelite soft-touch handle that has a comfortable grip.

Finally, this is the best safe cooking stone cookware with PFOA-free die-cast non-rivet technology for ZERO bacteria-breeding and easy removal of scrapings.

NOTE; This Stone Cookware is not suitable for use in the Oven!


Ozeri stone earth frying pan set

Another good brand when it comes to stone cookware is the Ozeri Stone Earth Frying pan that is made up of Aluminum and Stone material.

The Ozeri Stone Earth Frying Pan Set utilizes a stone-derived coating from Germany that is 100% free of APEO, PFBS, GenX, PFOS, and PFOA.

These Eco-friendly pans deliver a perfect non-stick performance without exposure to chemicals, the hard scratch-resistant coating is super easy to clean.

The interior of the Ozeri Stone pans is made out of durable heavy-gauge aluminum, with a magnetized base for use with rapid heat transfer induction stoves.

Finally, each pan has a comfortable heat-resistant silicon-coated handle.


 We can’t talk about stone cookware pros and cons without the Marble cookware, just like Granite cookware, they are all in the same family and closely related.

Just like stone cookware, Marble cookware can be applied to other materials like aluminum to help improve heat conductivity.

Best Non-stick Marble Cookware

Although the pros of marble cookware outmarch the cons of the marble cookware.

They also have other unique properties that make consumers go for them, below are the advantages and disadvantages of marble cookware so you can make an informed decision before the purchase.

Marble cookware is durable and heat evenly because of the addition of aluminum material.Don’t use a sharp object directly on the Marble cookware in order to prevent chipping and the non-stick coating.
They are easy to maneuver, lightweight, and easy to clean.Avoid hard frictions that might damage the structure of the Marble cookware like falling from a far height.
Saves energy costAvoid the sudden change of temperature when using the Marble cookware like a sharp jump from cold to hot temperature might damage the non-stick coating.
Marble cookware is versatile as they are suitable for gas, induction, ceramic, halogen, and electric stovetops.Don’t soak the Marble cookware for a very long time in order not to damage the marble layers.
Marble cookware promotes healthy cooking as less oil is required to cook with.Don’t use a hard brush for cleaning the Marble cookware, use a soft sponge for durability.
Marble cookware preserves the nutrient of the food through adequate heat treatment.
Eco-friendly cookware, non-toxic, and free from harmful chemicals like lead, PFOA, and PTFE.


Ceramic stone cookware is a healthy non-stick pots and pans set that will meet all your kitchen and family needs.

They are designed with a non-stick coating made from stone-derived non-stick coating inside and out to deliver a perfect non-stick performance.

Ceramic non-stick stone cookware set

Cook with less oil, clean up fast, the natural non-stick coating is durable as it is 100% FREE of PFOA, PTFA, lead, and cadmium.

This Ceramic stone cookware is suitable for all stovetops like induction, gas ceramic, electric, and solid fuel cookers.

Most Ceramic stone cookware is made of premium aluminum alloy material combined with a magnetized base that allows for rapid heat transfer and long-time use.

The nonstick ceramic stone pans make cooking easy. Prepare that pancake, stir-fry, casserole, curry, vegetables, omelets, potatoes, fajitas, quesadillas, and more, or just cooking gumbo, pasta, seafood, poultry, or even fry French fries, chicken, onion rings, tempura, shrimp, Peanuts, fish, etc.


Maifan Stone Cookware Pan

The Maifan stone cookware is suitable for slow cooking and making delicious casseroles. They are also crafted from steel with enamel coating, the pot is safe up to 200°C and it is easy to clean in hot soapy water after use.

This Maifan stone pot is made from enameled cast iron suitable for induction hobs, has high heat retention with better tasting results.

Furthermore, the cast iron body features superior heat conductivity and distributes heat evenly to prevent hot spots during cooking.

Finally, it is also designed with a fitted lid that will hold even in heat while you cook, the Maifan pots and pans have handles on either side making them easy to lift and carry.


Marble and Granite cookware both have almost the same similarities and even almost the same disadvantages. However, one major difference between Marble and Granite cookware is their definition, which is below;

Granite cookware is a type of enamelware that is made of thin carbon steel covered with a layer of porcelain enamel. The covering makes the granite cookware set safe from harmful chemicals.

Marble cookware includes pots, pans, pizza stones, and other cooking vessels that are coated with marble instead of chemical nonstick surfaces.

Both Granite and Marble cookware can easily be combined with other elements like aluminum alloy or others during manufacturing.

Marble and Granite cookware is both healthy and non-toxic cookware sets.

Granite and Marble cookware both require less oil or butter in cooking hence making them easy to clean and durable.

Marble and Granite cookware is ideal for low and medium-heat cooking.

Granite cookware and Marble cookware are 100% PFOA, PFOS, APEO FREE, LEAD, and CADMIUM FREE, don’t release toxins into your food.

Marble and Granite cookware don’t rust and are perfect for all stovetops including gas, electric, and halogen, electric, and even Induction.