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What are the safest dishes to use? How can you avoid toxic dinnerware? Most importantly, are there non toxic dinnerware made in USA? 

These are some of the questions people often ask because they want to live a healthy life. 

What does healthy living mean to you? Do you think it only means just eating a balanced diet? 

The kind of cookware or dinnerware you use can negatively or positively affect your overall well-being. 

For example, just imagine cooking delicious food and serving it in dinnerware that is not lead, cadmium, or BPA-free. These elements can negatively affect your health.

That’s is the reason you should purchase non-toxic dinnerware if you really care about your health and the well-being of your loved ones. 


non toxic dinnerware made in usa

There are numerous dinnerware brands manufactured by various companies from around the world. When it comes to the safety of dinnerware sets used in our homes, different countries have different rules and standards.

Consumers have expressed concerns over the years, and even now, about the presence of lead, cadmium, or other harmful hazardous chemicals used in the manufacture of their favorite dinnerware sets.

Based on these concerns, most dinnerware companies have improved their production processes, particularly those dinnerware based in the United States, which adhere to strict compliance when manufacturing this dinnerware.

It is important to note that manufacturing non-toxic dinnerware has a lot to do with the choice of dinnerware material, followed by the addition of other materials before the final product is released.

Having said that, let us now turn our attention to the 8 best non toxic dinnerware made in USA;

Anchor Hocking DinnerwareLancaster, Ohio, USA
Fiesta DinnerwareNewell, West VirginiaUnited States.
Lenox non-toxic dinnerwareKinston, North Carolina, USA.
Corelle lead and cadmium free DinnerwareCorning, New York, United States.
HF Coors lead-free DinnerwareTucson, Arizona, USA
Pickard DinnerwareAntioch, Illinois, United States.
Ohio Stoneware DinnerwareZanesville, Ohio, United States of America
Bennington Vermont DinnerwareBurlington, Vermont, USA



non toxic Corelle dinnerware set made in the USA

Since the 1970s, Corelle Dinnerware has been one of the most popular American dinnerware sets. Corelle is a glassware and dishware brand introduced by Corning Glass Works that is made of Vitrelle, tempered glass composed of two types of glass laminated into three layers.

Corelle dinnerware contains no BPA, the interior is Vitrelle and the exterior is glass, making it safe and hygienic.

Corelle dinnerware is thin, lightweight, beautiful, translucent, and durable due to the triple-layer strong glass used in its manufacture.

Corelle dinnerware is non-porous, easy to clean, non-toxic, and won’t crack under pressure. Another feature about Corelle dinnerware is that Corelle dishes can go in the dishwasher and Corelle dishes can be used in the microwave.

To know more about Corelle dishes and their level of lead, we recommend these two articles; which Corelle dishes have lead and Are Corelle Dinnerware lead-Free?

Micro-organisms can’t stick to Corelle dinnerware sets, Bacteria safety assured!


Anchor Hocking Company was founded in 1905 in Lancaster, Ohio, and they manufacture Bakeware, food storage equipment, pantry Organizations, Drinkware, and Kitchen Essentials.

Anchor hocking lead and cadmium free dinnerware set made in USA

Although not all glassware is free of lead or cadmium, Anchor Hocking dinnerware is lead, cadmium, and heavy metal-free, as well as CA Prop 65 compliant.

Another notable feature of Anchor Hocking dinnerware is that the pure glass material has a non-porous surface that does not absorb liquids or other substances like plastic does, making them a healthy non-toxic dinnerware option for your family and the environment.


Lead free non toxic fiesta dinner plates made in USA

Since 1936, the Fiesta Tableware Company has proudly manufactured Fiesta Dinnerware in Newell, West Virginia, USA.

Fiesta employs manufacturing and handcrafted processes that have been in place since its inception in the production of its products.

Fiesta dinnerware composition materials include clay, feldspar, Silica, and Alumina, which are added to enhance the durability and strength of Fiesta dinnerware sets.

Fiesta dinnerware is one of the lead and cadmium-free dinnerware sets made in the United States.

Fiesta Dinnerware has been lead-free since 1986, according to Fiesta Tableware Company.

Lead and Cadmium Free American Made Fiesta Classic Dinnerware

The term “lead-free” in the ceramic industry means that lead is not detected at levels greater than two hundred and one percent (0.02) by weight or 200 parts per million of lead.”

The good news is that Fiesta dinnerware sets cost 50 percent less, making them non-toxic dinnerware sets.

Fiesta Table Company also sends its products to an independent laboratory to be tested for leachable lead release.

Every Fiesta product has a lead release of fewer than 0.002 parts per million.

The FDA allows for a maximum allowable lead release of 0.5 parts per million. The leachable lead release from Homer Laughlin is 250 times lower than the maximum allowed by the FDA.

While California Proposition 65 highest allowable lead release is 0.1 parts per million. The leachable lead release from Homer Laughlin is 50 times lower than what the state of California allows.

Fiesta dinnerware has the following features and benefits: it is microwave and dishwasher safe, chip-resistant with a 5-year chip replacement warranty, and it is lead and cadmium-free.

Fiesta Turquoise Dinnerware sets for healthy use

While Fiesta Bakeware can be used directly from the freezer to the oven and can withstand temperatures as low as 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fiesta dinnerware is made of fully vitrified ceramics with industrial-strength that do not absorb odors or moisture, making it a non-toxic, safe, and healthy dinnerware set for your home and family!


Lenox stoneware non toxic dinnerware

The Lenox Corporation was founded in 1889, they are a manufacturing company that sells tableware, collectible products, and giftware under the Lenox, Dansk, Reed & Barton, and Gorham brands.

The Lenox Company is well-known for upholding the highest standards of quality, artistry, and beauty.

Due to concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic, Lenox halted production at its Kinston factory on March 18, 2020; on April 17, the company announced that the closure would be permanent, with production expected to resume overseas.

Lenox Opal dinnerware made in USA

The Kinston plant produced nine of Lenox’s top 10 patterns and could produce 15,000 to 20,000 pieces of fine china daily.

When it comes to manufacturing overseas, the Lenox Dinnerware set, for example, on the Amazon Product information page says Lenox dinnerware is imported from Malaysia, China, and other countries.

In July 2020 Lenox announced that they would permanently close all of their outlet and warehouse stores, also citing the COVID-19 pandemic.

In October 2020, Lenox was acquired by the private equity firm Centre Lane Partners.

Lenox French Non-toxic dinnerware made in America

Lenox’s brands include Kate Spade New York, Marchesa by Lenox, and Brian Gluckstein by Lenox.

Some Lenox Dinnerware is made up of Stoneware. Porcelain and even Opal glass materials make them safe, hygienic, and non-toxic dinnerware for daily use.


HF Coors Lead-Free Dinnerware made 100% made in the USA

HF Coors is a 100% certified American-made Dinnerware Company based in Tucson, Arizona.

The dishes used by HF Coors are vitrified, lead-free, and cadmium-free. HF Coors has nearly a century of experience in the foodservice industry; rely on HF Coors to create beautiful dishes that last, no matter how you cook or what you serve.

Some glazed ceramic dinnerware manufacturers are always concerned about the amount of lead or cadmium used, but not HF Coors Dinnerware.

We know exactly what goes on in our manufacturing, according to HF Coors, and what materials do and do not go into the dinnerware.

All of HF Coors’ ceramic pieces are free of lead. Lead is not used in any of the clays or glazes. CA Prop 65 and FDA standards are met by HF Coors ceramic dinnerware.

Most colors of HF Coors dinnerware, including white, are lead-free, cadmium-free, and non-toxic.

Furthermore, the glaze colors orange and red used by HF Coors cannot be produced without cadmium. However, because HF Coors’ key performance is marked by safety, they use what is known as “encapsulated cadmium.” Cadmium is encapsulated in non-toxic Zircon crystals, making it impossible for the cadmium to leach out of the crystals.

Every HF Coors piece – plate, bowl, mug, cup, platter, tray, serving piece, salt, and pepper shaker, butter dish, mixing bowl, sugar bowl, creamer, or ramekin – is chip resistant and microwave, dishwasher, freezer, oven, and even broiler safe.


Many people have never heard of Pickard China Dinnerware sets. I assumed they were made in China at first, but you will be surprised to learn that Pickard China dinnerware sets are among the finest china made anywhere in the world.

The US Department of State chose Pickard dinnerware set in 1977 to manufacture the official china service used by the embassies and other diplomatic missions around the world. Pickard has also been tasked with creating custom china for Air Force One, Blair House, and Camp David.

Pickard China Company claims that each piece of china produced in their factory goes through a minimum of 21 stages and three 100% inspections, and is handled by Pickard employees who have an average of 18 years on the job.

Examples of the Pickard China dinnerware sets are below;


Pickard China White Porcelain non toxic dinnerware made in USA

Some Pickard China dinnerware sets are made of Porcelain and White bone china material, and we know that Porcelain is considered safe because it is made of non-toxic materials such as kaolin clay, feldspar, silica, and quartz, which gives Porcelain a glass-like substance (translucency), making it non-absorbent, non-porous to hot and cold food, and other harmful chemicals from leaching into your body.

However, it is recommended that you avoid porcelain with metal accent borders such as gold, silver, or platinum because they are not microwave or dishwasher safe. Instead, hand washing is advised.

Porcelain Pickard china is available in a gleaming white color, is resistant to thermal shock, is attractive and durable, and has a delicate appearance.

Pickard Crescent Fine China safe and healthy Dinnerware set

While porcelain dinnerware sets, such as Pickard China dinnerware sets, are suitable for formal use and restaurants, one disadvantage is that they are expensive.

If you want to conduct additional lead and cadmium tests on Pickard China dinnerware, please do so to ensure safety.

Enjoy this United States dinnerware!


Ohio stoneware safe mixing bowl

Ohio Stoneware Company is a family-owned company based in Zanesville, Ohio. They take pride in producing high-quality American-made stoneware.

The Ohio Stoneware dinnerware is fired at 2,200 degrees and goes through an 18-hour kiln cycle of heating and cooling.

This American-made dinnerware is tough enough to withstand daily use, and the stoneware material makes it safe to eat from.


Bennington Potter USA made Lead free dinner bowl

The Bennington Potters company specializes in producing the finest handmade stoneware dinnerware that will undoubtedly complement your home décor, including glaze dinnerware sets, bowls, plates, mugs, serving, and gift items.

The fact that Bennington dinnerware pottery product designs are all handmade in Vermont, USA, is a plus.