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The kind of materials we use for food and drink has become of great concern today, as more people are becoming aware of this, manufacturers keep innovating to better material that will be of benefit to our health.

There are many questions regarding lead-free glasses as people are looking for better materials for cooking, eating, drinking, and storage.

One of the questions people ask is “is borosilicate glass lead free”? It is important to know the kind of material you use for drinking as it will be of good health benefit for your wellbeing. Read below and find valuable information regarding lead-free glasses.


After much research, I finally found the answer to the question, what is borosilicate glass? Borosilicate glass is not like every other type of glass. It’s a special glass that is made of two chemicals: boron trioxide and silica.

Borosilicate glass is also known for having a very low thermal expansion coefficient which makes them have a higher resistance to thermal shock than other traditional glasses.

The chemicals used in producing borosilicate glass cookware, bakeware, or drinking glasses are safe, environmentally friendly, making it very heat resistant than other types and forms of glass available on the market.

Furthermore, Borosilicate glasses are used for the construction of high beverage glassware, laboratory equipment, flasks, reagent bottles, electronics, lighting, and cookware.

Just like every other glass, borosilicate is safe to drink from because it is BPA-free itself. This glass is not like plastic that pollutes the environment. It improves sustainability and keeps plastic waste out of landfills.

Finally, Borosilicate glass is sold under various names; Duran, Pyrex, Simax, Kimax, Borosil, Suprax, Bellco, and Marinex. Etc.


Borosilicate glass is very safe and safer than plastic and soda-lime glass. This glass does not contain any harmful toxins, nor will it leach harmful substances into your food or drink.

The absence of BPA also makes borosilicate safe. When BPA is ingested, it creates serious health problems, especially for babies and children.

Borosilicate is also safe because it resists acid degradation and chemicals. When you eat or drink from this glass, your food or drink tastes better because the material does not leach out as it does in other BPA-containing packaging or plastic.


Is Borosilicate glass Lead free

Yes! Borosilicate glass is lead-free because its material constituents are made up of non-toxic (uncontaminated organic materials) composition making Borosilicate glassware environmentally friendly, with high chemical resistance, and won’t leach harmful substances into your food.

However, we recommend you test Borosilicate glassware products that have Logo marks on the body or bottom with Lead test swabs for lead content mostly used in the design of the Logo.


Borosilicate glass properties; high softening point, high chemical resistance, and low thermal coefficient (under extreme temperature fluctuations, Borosilicate glass won’t crack like ordinary glass, it has great stability and strength.

Borosilicate glass is obtained from the fusion of Silica, Borax, Lime, and Feldspar. Borosilicate glass has 80% of Silica, 7 – 13% of boric oxide, and small quantities of potassium oxide and aluminum oxide.

The chemical composition; Si02 (80%), B203 (3%), AI203 (3%), K20 (0.5%) AND Na2O (0.5%).


It is not every glassware that is manufactured in the USA. Borosilicate is under the Parent company of Corning, which is located in the USA. You are sure of getting the best when you choose Borosilicate glassware.

Examples of recommended Borosilicate glass that can be used for drinking and are safe; Borosilicate glass Kablo glass water bottle and Purifyou Premium Borosilicate glass water bottle.

Kablo Borosilicate Lead free Glass water bottle

These Borosilicate Bottles are perfect for hiking, camping, the beach, the gym, at home, or in the office.

They are non-toxic, eco-friendly, BPA Free, LEAD- Free, BPS- Free, Cadmium-free, Phthalate Free, reusable, don’t leach harmful chemicals or unwanted flavors into your water.

Borosilicate glass is chemically unreactive and it will never impart flavors or leach chemicals into your beverage like plastic or stainless steel alternatives. Perfect for natural spring water or mineral water.

Borosilicate water glass bottle by Purifyou

Finally, these Borosilicate glass bottles comply with strict Federal and State standards for undecorated glassware, including FDA Lead and Cadmium guidelines and California’s Proposition 65. Resistance to thermal shock makes our water bottle a safer alternative allowing you to enjoy iced or boiling hot beverages.


These creative land highball glasses are made of heat-resistance, BPA- Free high Borosilicate glass, which is more durable than traditional glass.

Lead free Highball Borosilicate drinking glasses

They have exceptional clarity, thin glass design, heavy base, smooth touch rims, feel heavy in the hand yet light on the lips.

This Borosilicate highball glass is a good example of a lead and cadmium-free drinking glass. Perfect for everyday use, multi-functional, and suited for fancy cocktails, water, juice, and bar glasses.

Hand wash is recommended and wash these Borosilicate glasses individually.

NOTE: Do not soak with other glasses to reduce the chance of mechanical shock. Use a suitable detergent and warm water with a nonabrasive sponge or cloth.


This high-quality clear Borosilicate glass can withstand sudden changes in the temperature difference between hot and cold temperature range (-68°F~212°F).

 It has an extremely high heat resistance and explosion resistance and is durable. So it can be safely used in dishwashers, microwaves, and refrigerators, more durable to stand daily use.

Borosilicate thin lead free drinking glass

 It is also lightweight, easy to pick up and hold. This thin sturdy clear drink glasses can easily be cleaned by hand washing and are dishwasher safe for your convenience.

These dinner glasses are beautiful enough for formal events and fancy dinner parties, and durable enough for everyday casual use.

These glasses will surely be your go-to glasses for entertaining and daily drinking and of course a great holiday, Christmas, anniversary, housewarming, gift for your loved one.

Finally, perfect for daily use drinking glasses, water glasses, glass tumblers, Juice, beer glasses, wine glasses, whiskey glasses, cocktails glasses, for bars, restaurant, home, and office daily use.


This Borosilicate Crystalia glassware is safe for microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher.

Since this glassware is manufactured from borosilicate glass, it is one of the most hygienic kitchenware you can use.

Borosilicate Baking dish for oven and casserole

The Glass transparent cookware helps you to see your food during cooking, serving, preparation, and storing.

It is also safe for use on ceramic stoves, gas stoves with heat diffusers. Suitable for cooking and serving all types of food from desserts to meals like lasagna, casseroles, desserts – storing in the refrigerator and deep freezer.

Crystalia Borosilicate Baking glasses are highly scratch resistant and maintain their hygienic and transparent properties throughout their service life.


Yes! It is safe to drink from and safe for food. Borosilicate glass because is made up of silica and boron trioxide which is BPA FREE, LEAD-FREE, and environmentally friendly.

It has a high temperature and acid resistant ability, because of its durable nature it can be used in many fields and purposes; Wine Glasses, Water jugs, bottles, Sight glass, Bakeware, and cookware products.


There are different various glassware; we have Soda-lime glass, Potash Lime glass, Glass wool, Lead glass, and Borosilicate glass.

Most people tend to confuse Borosilicate glass with Pyres glass. Borosilicate and Pyrex glass are the same and mean the same thing.

Glass Manufacturing Company; Corning originally market their Borosilicate glass as PYREX glassware.


Borosilicate glass users always want to know what will happen when you accidentally drop Borosilicate glass.

The answer is that Yes, the Borosilicate glass strong, yet it is breakable but it can handle and withstand far more accidents than would break other glassware.

Furthermore, even when the Borosilicate glass cracks, it typically performs better, as it rarely shatters like other traditional glassware brands.


Borosilicate glass is non-toxic like every other regular glass. It is safe to drink and eat from. It is also non-toxic because it’s BPA-free and does not leach harmful chemicals or toxins into your food.

When companies like Pyrex want to make heat-resistant glass jugs, cookware, and glass bottles, they use borosilicate as a safe material.


As I have stated above, there are different types of glass. It is not all clear glassware that is lead-free. We always recommend you consult with the manufacturer and check the chemical compositions or material the glass brand is made up of.

Secondly, carry out a lead test to ascertain the level of toxicity and see these articles; “does glass have lead in it and “how to tell if the glass is lead-free”.


Arcoroc brands are made from opal glass and can withstand temperature up to 135 degrees, an independent testing laboratory Pasteur de Lille in France tested the Arcoroc brand and results came to show no bacterial on the surface after a single dishwasher cleaning on the surface.

However, old Arcoroc glass contains some level of lead around 256ppm lead according to but the recently manufactured Arcoroc is lead-free (under 90 ppm lead).