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Homkitchn is a home and kitchen review website that assists consumers in understanding, using, and caring for general and premium household and kitchen equipment so you don’t waste money on the wrong appliance, giving you confidence in selecting the right appliance that meets your needs, and saving you time.

I am also a mother of two wonderful children, a Microbiology graduate, and have worked for an international food and beverage firm for almost four years.

One Striking attribute about us; HomKitchn is that we are passionate about delivering in-depth kitchen, home, and General appliances used every day for various purposes. We pay close attention to the need of our curious readers.

Are you thinking of buying a home or kitchen appliance for yourself? Do you want to get the best and most up-to-date reviews of various brands? Then, look no further for we provide you answers to all your questions.

Our reviews range from using microwave ovens, various brands of cookware sets, types of Dinnerware sets, and other general kitchen and home appliances.

It is paramount you get the right kitchen or home equipment for all your kitchen and household needs as it will assist you in saving time and energy.

Whatever budget you are on, HomKitchn will assist you in making the right decision about all your home and general kitchen equipment.

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