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In all my years of using dinnerware sets, I have come to understand one thing the more attractive and colorful a dinnerware is, the more lead and cadmium you might be exposed to.

In this article, I am going to be discussing which dinnerware set material is best for health. Many dinnerware sets are great for decorative purposes however I wouldn’t recommend them for eating.

I want you to note that lead and cadmium hide in the glaze of colored dinnerware set especially the attractive ones. I am going to be listing some of the safest dinnerware brands that are best for your health.


which dinnerware set material is best for health - Plain white bone china dinner set

The best dinnerware set material for your health is the plain white bone china because it has no decorative glaze on it which makes it lead and cadmium-free.

It is easy to tell if a dinnerware set material is good for your health just by the appearance, if it is highly colored then it contains toxins that can leak into your food this is why I stick to the white dinnerware set materials.

They are very durable too, dishwasher and microwave safe (not all of them, check to see if it is dishwasher safe at the bottom).




Opal safe lead-free dinnerware set made of opal glass material.

Opalware sets are safe for health because they are made out of opal glass, they contain no glaze that can leak into your food.

They are 100% safe for dishes, dinnerware set that is safe for health is made of opal glass, because of its material it does not absorb food particles curtailing bacterial formation.



Best non-toxic ceramic material dinnerware set that is safe for health

Just imagine your dining table without dinnerware. Very strange right? Dinnerware brings excitement to your dining table and makes it look classy.

Some dinner wares are so attractive that just looking at the food in the bowl will make you salivate and feel hungry while some are so unattractive so, they make you lose appetite.

There are various types and brands of dinnerware which is why you must do good research on the best non-toxic dinnerware before purchasing so that you and your family members can live a healthy life.

A non-toxic dinnerware is one that is lead, cadmium, BPA, and phthalates free.

It’s important you go for the safest dinnerware brands available on the market, and look out for the dinnerware material found in your chosen product.


They are:

  1. Easy to clean
  2. The greatest plate made for daily use.
  3. Light and durable
  4. BPA and lead-free
  5. Dishwasher and oven safe.


Dinnerware sets come in handy in the home and for every occasion. Dinnerware sets are simply sets of plates, bowls, saucers, dishes that are used for serving food and dining.

Dinnerware sets can be used for decorative purposes or for serving. Dinnerware sets are popularly called Tableware. Dinnerware sets may include cutlery and glassware.

Another term fondly used is “sets of dishes” which refers to table service, dinner service, or service set. Dinnerware sets can be used for informal or informal settings.

Furthermore, dinnerware sets could also mean multiple place settings to take care of the whole table. Examples of Dinnerware sets are;

  1. Dinnerware sets of 8
  2. Dinnerware sets of 12
  3. Dinnerware sets of 6
  4. 20 Piece Dinnerware sets
  5. Casual Dinnerware sets

These sets above are made to service from 2 to 6 persons and above if need be. They usually include a dinner plate, salad plate, teacup, and a saucer for each setting.

Dinnerware sets are made up of different materials, they include; ceramic, pottery, plastic, glass, wood, stoneware, and porcelain. e.t.c

Let’s see the best-recommended dinnerware sets for everyday use;


Corelle winter frost safe for health dinnerware set glass material

With the Corelle white frost dinnerware set brand, you can confidently say goodbye to chips and cracks.

The Corelle brand is one of the best dinnerware sets because it is microwave safe and preheated for oven use up to 350 degrees.

This 38 piece Corelle dinnerware set includes; 10 ¼ inch plates, 6 ¾ inch plates, 18-ounce bowls, plus 2-12 ¼ inch serving platters. The material of the Corelle dinnerware set is made up of glass.

The Corelle white frost dinnerware set is non-toxic, healthy, safe for use, and free from lead and cadmium. They are also lightweight and easy to handle.

Easy to clean, ultra-hygienic, and non-porous. Dishwasher-safe Corelle space-saving dinnerware sets as they easily stack upon each other.

This is the dinnerware set that takes you from everyday meals to casual get-togethers to special occasions. We recommend this best dinnerware set today!


Pfaltzgraff best dinnerware set of 4 stoneware material

Another trusted brand in the dinnerware family is the Pfaltzgraff service for 4 dinner sets.

This particular Pfaltzgraff dinner set is antique in nature with a striking design to meet your need.

The Pfaltzgraff dinnerware set is made from high-quality stoneware lasting beauty and durability, convenient for use on a daily basis. It is specially handcrafted giving it a reactive glaze quality.

This Pfaltzgraff dinner set contains a 12 piece set, which includes 4 each of; 10 ½ inch dinner plate, 2 ½ inches tall 32-ounce pasta bowl, and 8-inch diameter, 3 inches tall 25-ounce all-purpose bowl with a 6-inch diameter.

If you are looking for that nostalgic set that has great performance, this is the set to buy. Dishwasher safe for fast, simple cleanup, and microwave safe for quick reheating.

These dishes are quite sturdy, healthy, and heavy. I would highly recommend this to anyone, especially those concerned about green recycling.

Nothing in this packaging is going into the garbage. Love these and would highly recommend them.


Porcelain material Lenox dinnerware set for daily use

We can’t mention the best dinnerware sets without the Lenox dinnerware brand. The Lenox 12 Piece dinnerware set is high-quality craftsmanship that offers an excellent design crafted with Porcelain.

The Lenox 12 Piece dinner sets include; 4 dinner plates, 4 salad plates, and 4 bowls. Dishwasher and microwave safe making perfect for everyday use.


Bamboo is an organically sourced material and it is a good alternative to plastic material.

The Bamboo material has a natural antibacterial property that makes them resistant to absorbing odors and limits the growth of bacteria.

Dinnerware sets made of Bamboo fiber, are easy to clean and maintain. Bamboo products are durable and don’t break easily if you drop them.

Bamboo is grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides making them safe for use. Bamboo is a sustainable and renewable form of material.

One distinct quality of the Bamboo dinnerware sets is that they are lightweight, flexible, and have innate strength.

Bamboo dinnerware sets are perfect for serving up salads, appetizers, side dishes, and much more. Bamboo is much more durable than paper, Bamboo tableware is eco-friendly thus it is biodegradable.

Below are the best bamboo safe and non-toxic dinnerware set that is healthy for everyday use;


Eco-friendly safe Bamboo material dinnerware set for everyday use

The Eco Soul’s Bamboo dinnerware set is eco-friendly, can be easily disposed of as it is 100% compostable, thereby saving the planet.

The Eco soul’s Bamboo is the best Bamboo dinnerware set that is perfect for events, picnics, and parties. We highly recommend this bamboo set because it is natural, biodegradable, and free from harmful chemicals and BPA making them a healthy choice for your family.

The Eco soul dinnerware sets are USDA Bio Preferred Certified and meet the highest standards of quality. Bamboo safe and healthy dinnerware sets are the perfect choice to host a formal event or casual outdoor BBQ.

Finally, the Bamboo material dinnerware sets are microwave and oven safe, impressive at handling hot or cold food. Easy to wash and clean. Spark up your home, events, and kitchen with this safe dinnerware Bamboo brand!


Lightweight and healthy Bamboo material dinnerware set

The Kitzini Bamboo dinnerware brand is a high-quality, reusable kitchen plate and bowls set with a beautiful bamboo design.

The Kitzini bamboo safe brand is sustainably sourced lightweight, and a great alternative to plastic, and a choice for eco-conscious home cooks.

These Bamboo sets are dishwasher safe and easy to clean, making your cleanup quick and your time free to do as you please.

One unique feature about the Kitzini Bamboo safe dinnerware brand is that it is made of bamboo fiber and melamine dinnerware sets that are temperature resistant, making the plates and bowl set perfect for hot and cold foods.

While some Bamboo Dinnerware Sets break and crack super easily, the Kitzini dinnerware set is made from non-plastic 85% recyclable bamboo fiber for resilience and versatility, plus 15% melamine and starch for a sturdy yet light build.

Whether you’re throwing a family get-together, Dinner Party, Wedding, Thanksgiving Holiday Dinner, picnics, the Kitzini Bamboo dinnerware set material is perfect and safe for your health!


A very popular dinner set material is the Ceramic dinnerware set. The term “ceramic” is a broad category that includes stoneware, porcelain, earthenware, bone china, paper clay, terracotta, fine china, and pottery.

Mikasa safe bone chine ceramic white dinnerware set

Porcelain is sometimes referred to as china, porcelain is crafted from ceramic materials and fired at a very high temperature resulting in a product with superb strength, durability, and a translucent “shell-like” quality.

Porcelain is a popular, high-end dinnerware option as it offers a superior white body that is resistant to thermal shock and has excellent insulator properties. 

Earthenware is a common ceramic material used in pottery that has been fired to make it hard. Watertight when glazed, this decorative dinnerware is more porous than stoneware but less durable and strong.

Lead-free and safe bone china ceramic dinnerware set by Figulark brand

Stoneware is also a very affordable ceramic. It is more durable than earthenware because it is less porous and is made harder by added or naturally occurring vitreous elements. It is more opaque than porcelain, and its dense body resists scratching better than earthenware.

Below are examples of ceramic dinner sets recommended for daily use;

  1. Stone Lain Marble Fine China Dinnerware Set, 16 Piece Servicer for 4


Matte lead and cadmium free dinnerware set

Lead and cadmium-free dinnerware sets are plates, bowls, cutlery that are non-toxic and safe to use for human consumption.

Dinnerware sets laid up with lead or cadmium pose a threat to our Lives and therefore should be avoided at all cost. There are various brands of dinnerware sets that promise that their dinner sets are healthy and free from Lead and cadmium.

HF Coors lead and cadmium free dinnerware sets

However, there are procedures and standards to follow that can determine the amount of lead and cadmium in a dinnerware or drinking glass. 

Apart from affecting adults, lead and cadmium are unhealthy for pregnant women and children. Adequate attention should therefore be placed on the manufacturer’s description of its product in order to make a final verdict before you purchase a particular dinnerware set.

Below are recommended lead and cadmium free dinnerware sets;

Lead and Cadmium free Matte White 12 Piece Dinnerware Set.

HF Coors lead-free Bowl.

Corelle Dinner lead and cadmium-free Plates Winter Frost White.

Tuxton Home cadmium-free Ceramic Bowl.

Corelle Winter Frost Plates White Dinner 10-1/4″.

Bamboo Fiber non-toxic and healthy Outdoor Camping Dishes.

Duralex lead and cadmium-free Dinnerware set.

Anchor hocking safe and healthy Dinnerware Set.

Bruntmor Square Dinner Plates, Cadmium, and Lead-Free.

Barski Quality Glass Lead-Free Crystalline Bowl.


Stainless steel best plate material for eating food

With different brands flooding the market with so many dinnerware designs, one wouldn’t have a choice but to ask which material is the best plate material to eat food.

The best plate material to eat food is steel. It’s are the best because it doesn’t release anything into the food, it’s reusable; doesn’t react to food acids, oil, and grease. Steel is easy to clean, handle, durable and doesn’t break.

A good example of the best plate material to eat food is ESLITE 6-PIECE 18/10 STAINLESS STEEL ROUND PLATES.

  1. They don’t take up much space when you stack them on top of each other in the dish cabinets.
  2. They are durable, easy to clean, and dishwasher safe.
  3. Can be used to cook and prepare to stir fry ingredients.
  4. Mirror finish surface, smooth edges, no rough spots.
  5. Great size for a meal, soup, salad, pasta, etc.


There are numerous types and brands of dinnerware sets that exist today, but the question is how you figure out the right dinnerware set.

Before you select a dinnerware set, think about how you will be using it. Is it for everyday dining, casual entertainment, or decorative purposes?

Since dinnerware comes in an array of combinations like a set of 4, set of 1, set of 2, set of 8, or set of 12 depending on your need and brand choice.

Find below the types of dinnerware set recommended for you;

1. Traditional Sets; The traditional set of dinnerware may include a salad plate, cereal bowl, a mug, and a dinner plate.

2. Formal Sets; The formal dinner sets may include a bread plate, saucer, teacup, soup bowl, salad plate, and dinner plate.

3. Open stock Dinnerware; This Allows you the freedom to create your own set of dinnerware based on your need.