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Luminarc is a well-known company that has come a long way; its experience in the tableware sector has earned them a favorable position among competitors. However, it would be difficult to discuss tableware without including Luminarc goods.

There is a lot of dinnerware that Luminarc has made available to houses; one would wonder is Luminarc glass or plastic. To answer this, we’ll need to understand the production process a little bit. To save you the trouble of reading a long introduction, we’ve included thorough information on Luminarc dinnerware below.


Luminarc is designed and manufactured in France. It is French glassware and dinnerware set brand founded in 1948 by Arc International. Luminarc dinnerware and glassware are resistant because they are subjected to a specific thermal treatment and the pendulum test during the manufacturing process to ensure greater thermal and shock resistance.

Arc International ensures that the plate decoration and glass sparkle can easily withstand the various attacks carried out by dishwashers on a daily basis, thereby making them dishwasher safe.


Is Luminarc glass or plastic

All Luminarc collections, including storage containers, cookware, dinnerware, wine glasses, and tumblers, are made of GLASS, a natural neutral non-toxic safe material; however, some Luminarc product accessories are made of WOOD and others of PLASTIC.


This is a difficult one because there are mixed feelings about Luminarc as a good brand. People will always have their own ideas about what makes a good dinnerware brand.

I asked some family and friends what they wanted from a dinnerware brand, and this is what they said.

  1. It should be light in weight (easy to carry around).
  2. Durable (not to wear and tear easily).
  3. Microwavable.
  4. Easy to clean.
  5. Dishwasher safe.
  6. It should be free of toxins (not leaching harmful chemicals in your food).
  7. It should be stylish in appearance.
  8. Materials should be environmental friendly.

With the above mentioned; it is obvious that Luminarc is a good brand as it meets all criteria.




Luminarc glass is designed to withstand high temperatures, but not all Luminarc glass is oven safe. Because microwave and oven heating is not the same, some Luminarc glass can only be used in microwaves and not ovens.

That being said, here are some oven-safe Luminarc glass;

White oven dish smart cuisine carine

Glass Purple 30cl Salzburg

Lilan 35cl Versailles

Luminarc Vitro Blooming heat resistant glass cooking saucepan


Yes, and No! Firstly, it is not all Luminarc collections are Labelled microwave safe by the Manufacturer (Arc International).

Microwave safe Luminarc glass cookware

The Luminarc products that are microwave-safe are suitable for microwave use because Luminarc is made of heatproof glass or ceramic; it is chip resistant and fully tempered microwave safe. Luminarc tableware is microwave safe because it can withstand temperature changes of up to 135 ° C.

Luminarc is strong, long-lasting, resistant, and resistant to heat. The Microwave safe Luminarc products are printed on all glass Luminarc products or carefully read through the product booklet for clarity.

Examples of Microwave safe Luminarc products are;

Luminarc White 12 Piece Carine Dinnerware Set

Arc International Luminarc Working Glass Drinkware Set

Luminarc Vitro Blooming Amber Glass Pot Low Casserole


Luminarc working glass

Firstly, the Luminarc brand includes various glass designs and collections. These collections serve different purposes. The Luminarc glass includes and is not limited to;

Luminarc working glass

Old fashioned Luminarc glass

Luminarc Cooler glass

Luminarc cocktail glass

Luminarc Barcraft mixing glass

Whiskey glasses

Luminarc Nordic mug with coffee

Luminarc Pub Beer glass and the Luminarc Barlow taster.

So, what distinguishes the Luminarc working glass from the rest of the Luminarc glass collection? The reason for this is that the Luminarc working glass can be used for food storage as well as drinking, and the wide mouth is designed to work with a lid that seals perfectly.

As the name implies, “working glass” can be used for a variety of purposes, including home use, parties, and commercial applications. It is truly a versatile glass.

Another distinguishing feature of the Luminarc working glass is that it is free of lead and will not leach harmful chemicals into your food.

Do you have a large set of hands? Then you’d appreciate this Luminarc glass. While it is ideal for adults, children will need both hands to hold the Luminarc working glass. Premium quality Luminarc glass with no sharp edges so you don’t need to worry about having injured lips.

The Luminarc working glass, like other Luminarc brands such as Luminarc dinnerware, has high heat, thermal, and mechanical resistance, is dishwasher and microwave safe and is hardly chipped.

This glass is a sturdy, fairly heavy glass that, unlike other light normal glasses, is not easily knocked over.

If you are concerned about using hot liquids with the Luminarc working glass, you should not be because it is made of tempered glass, which is stronger than regular glass.

Because of its wide mouth, the stick blender easily fits into the Luminarc working glass if you enjoy smoothies.

Finally, the Luminarc working glass is ideal for everyday beverages like juice and water, but it’s also great for parfaits, smoothies, or an evening cocktail.


Luminarc working glass Lids

Luminarc working glass Lids are glass jars with a tight fit that fit Luminarc working glass tumblers. These working glass lids are available in red or white.

Ideal for making gift jars and storing items. These working glass Lids will also protect your food and prevent spills.

Luminarc working glass plastic Lid white color

The Luminarc working glass lids fit snugly for storing jelly, drinks, dips, vegetables, and sauces.

Another advantage of these Luminarc working lids is that they are grooved, allowing you to stack glass on top. The inside diameter of the lids is approximately 3.75″ (9.5cm) and the outside diameter is 3.93″ (10cm).


Luminarc working glass Lid Red Color

This Luminarc working glass Lid is one of the reasons customers inquire whether Luminarc is made of glass or plastic, as I have previously explained.

Aside from the white Luminarc working glass Lid, we also have the Red color, which does the same thing for storage and spill prevention as I described above.


Yes! Not only is Luminarc free of lead, but it is also free of cadmium. It is free of lead because it is made of nontoxic tempered glass materials.

The Luminarc collections are made of glass, a natural, non-porous material that is both safe and sanitary. Glass is used in the manufacture of all Luminarc products because it is a strong, ultra-resistant, and hygienic material.